Steve Berry - Vocals

The dream began at age 7, when he played drums in the elementary school band in Philadelphia, and continued later joining several    “doo-wop” groups singing on street corners and at dance hops on the East Coast in the mid-60’s. After a brief stint in the Air Force from ’67-’69, he returned from Texas to join a recording group called the “Broadway Express”, who had a minor hit called, “People Must Learn to Live Together”. Wanting to get to the heart of the “Love Generation”, California beckoned in 1970, and Steve found his way to San Jose. Playing and singing in several bands in the South Bay, including “Friends” and “Sky Creek” from 1971 to 1975, Steve moved to lovely Sonoma County in 1975. The dream continued beautifully in Sonoma County, and “The Harvest Band was where it all came alive for approximately 10 years. After gigging every weekend for 5 years with Harvest, Steve then joined “Sister Haze” and several other popular bands. The journey continued through several other successful groups, and he finally found a true home with the “BLUE MOON BAND” about 10 years ago. In Steve’s own words, “The BLUE MOON Love Train has been carrying happy passengers up and down many byways on a freewheeling, spirited ride. The positive, passionate, love-grooves continue to delight audiences all over. Something so good as this outfit only comes along once in a Blue Moon!”. He reached for the stars and landed on the Moon!